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Kaggle: Bike Sharing Demand Part 1 Nov 03, 2014

Finally had a chance to play around with Kaggle challenge, and bike sharing demand seems to be the easiest to tackle - no domain expertise required or atleast very minimal. This is going to be Part 1 where I'll go over how I apply minimal statistical knowledge to extract features.

Image filtering with convolution matrix Jul 15, 2014

I was reading reading about convolution matrix which was brillianty explained by Colah. If you're looking for good blog to follow, you might want to add him into the list. One of the application of convolution matrix is image manipulation like applying filters to the image. The cool part is

Face-tracking with OpenCV Jul 13, 2014

I've been toying with OpenCV lately and surprisingly it is pretty easy to implement face-tracking using OpenCV. However, OpenCV documentation is a bit lacking especially with its Python binding. Installing OpenCV In OSX (yes, I've moved to OSX from Windows since I do a lot of *nix development now), this

Moving to Ghost Jul 12, 2014

Haven't post anything for the past couple of months. I just started moving all the contents to Ghost blogging platform. Previously, I was hosting my blog on Github pages, which means I have to use some sort of static generator and push the content to Github pages. I was using

Creating Solr plugin Jan 31, 2014

While trying to implement Solr indexer, I came across problem on how to actually normalize the date format according to Solr format. Surprisingly, this question was asked quite often in Stackoverflow. So, I decided to write a Solr plugin with the hope to solve this problem. However, at the end

Cross-domain request with Rails + Angular.js Oct 23, 2013

I was playing around with AngularJs recently and decided to integrate it with Rails. The goal is to have total separation between front-end and back-end. Back-end will act as a RESTful service that spits JSON. Both front-end and back-end will be served from different server and will have different domain,

How to make Windows less suck for developers Sep 02, 2013

As part of my objective to up my skills, I decided to check out all the hypes with Ruby on Rails. But... I'm running Windows and if you're not writing anything other than .Net languages, running Windows seems fine. For other thing it sucks a bit except for Node.js

Playing nicely with PagodaBox Sep 02, 2013

Recently, I get a chance working with Pagodabox while helping a friend with a client project. If you do not know about Pagodabox, you can go to their website to checkout. In short it is a cloud solution to deployment of web application. One of the nice feature of Pagodabox

AES 256-bit encryption/decryption Jun 22, 2013

This time around, I had a little project with a friend which involved cryptography. So we decided to implement an AES-256 encryption/decryption. That is way above top secret (lol). I googled around looking for information and reading more on cryptography and found this

Understanding async against callback May 26, 2013

While learning the new asynchrony feature in C# 5.0, I was experimenting the difference between the previous method of achieving asynchrony using callback against the latest feature provided by C# by utilizing the async and await keyword. So what's the difference? This question raised againt when I was browsing