👨‍💻 About me

I'm a software engineer working remotely from Malaysia. My formal background is in Mathematics and Actuarial Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Nowadays, I mainly program in Haskell, Rescript and Elixir. They are all functional languagues, fortunately - or unfortunately depending on your view.


My work mostly involved building automation tools for SCADA and related industries. Think of low-code for industrial.

In the past, I have delved into C# and Python at previous job where I do web development and data science. I built centralized log management system with predictive capability on top of Hadoop ecosystem.

Another cool project that I've worked on before was building a system to calculate shares ownership for all companies in Malaysia. This project is for Prime Ministry Office of Malaysia. I gave a talk about the project here.This is one of the most fun and challenging project I've worked with - it was simple on the surface but the complexities lie in the details.

If you need to reach me, I mostly on twitter (@shulhi) nowadays promoting my SaaS @usestencil.